Are you a writer?

Let me help you make your story awesome and navigate the world of publishing, indie or traditional. Making you better.

Are you a company?

I bring my project management skills to companies who need extra help in the short or long term on creative or communications projects.

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I provide a perceptive analysis of your needs and develop thoughtful solutions. I create flexible solutions to meet your goals while adjusting to a rapidly changing environment.

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I’m a stable, reliable partner who will help you make the right decisions in the quickly-changing world of publishing. I enjoy leading projects and steering around obstacles. We can drive the project from the front, steering to your destination. Or provide pedal power from the back: whatever you need to create great products.

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I crave structure. And I cannot breathe without creativity. And I’ve turned that life-long tension into a bridge. I’m a bridge between logic and creativity. I help editorial talk to creative. I take the ideas and give them structure.